A privately funded oil and gas company which focuses on developing a diversified portfolio of non-operated assets.

About Inwood Energy

Inwood Energy focuses on the acquisition of non-operated, high quality, oil and gas assets. Our efforts are not resource play specific; we prefer to analyze opportunities on a case-by-case basis regardless of reservoir profile or region. In addition to working interest opportunities, we will review mineral packages that meet the mandates of our funds.

We strive to be data-driven in our business development, relying on technology beyond its typical engineering and geologic roles. This, coupled with experience and personal relationships, we believe to be a winning model. Our team possesses a spectrum of experience from portfolio, independent and major oil and gas companies.

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Our Focus Areas

Our primary focus areas are in the Permian Basin and East Texas. While remaining open to any basin or sub-basin, our primary leasehold and working interest efforts are focused on high graded Central Basin Platform and Cotton Valley assets.


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