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Inwood focuses on the acquisition of high quality oil and gas assets.

Whether conventional or unconventional, we prefer to analyze opportunities on a case-by-case basis regardless of reservoir profile or region. Inwood has both generated and participated in various prospects across Texas. In addition to working interest opportunities, we will review mineral packages that meet the mandates of our funds.

We strive to be data-driven in our business development, relying on technology beyond its typical engineering and geologic roles. This, coupled with experience and personal relationships, we believe to be a winning model.

What we do

Prospect Generation

Inwood has been a generator of, and/or investor in, conventional prospects across North, West, South and Southeast Texas.

Working Interest

Inwood maintains a non-operated working interest partnership with several notable operators throughout Texas.


Inwood controls various mineral and leasehold interests in West and North Texas.

ActivE Areas

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